Welcome to Auxo đź‘‹

We build software to help your business grow.

Whether you’re a workshop, dealership, rental, fleet or a retailer, our goal is to engineer solutions that make your job easier to do so you can do more work, make more profit and get more time to do what’s really important to you.

For some of our customers that means getting more time on the tools, for others it’s getting more time to work on the business, for many people it’s as simple as wanting to get home earlier each night or having time to take a day off.

Want to have your say?

If we’re not achieving the above for you and your business, then we’re not doing our job. Customers are at the centre of our development approach, if something isn’t going to be beneficial to you, then why would we do it?

We get feedback from our customers in the following ways to help us prioritise our development sprint cycles:

User Group
Join other customers in group discussions on the future of our products, preview new features, give feedback and discuss development priorities.

Development register
Every customer development request, enhancement or bug gets logged into our register.

Quarterly NPS survey
We don’t want to wait a year to find out you’re not happy with a change, so we get feedback each quarter to check in with our customers.

Account Managers
Our Account Managers are here to help, let them know how we can make the product better for you.

Have a general comment or request? Then send it to our feedback team at feedback@auxosoftware.com.

The Auxo Team

The Auxo Software team is made up of a bunch of support consultants, developers, business specialists and of course your standard finance, sales and marketing people. Our HQ is in Auckland, NZ but we have staff dotted all around New Zealand and Australia.

We come from a range of backgrounds such as mechanic (yes, we do have former mechanics working with us), service advisors, real estate agents, cafe owners, start-up founder, and even a brain surgeon (ok, it was rat, but a brain’s a brain).

Our Management Team

David Murdoch

Martin Pitt
Financial Controller

Raju Bhana
General Manager – SAM

James Chang
General Manager – Product & Growth