Transform WoF Inspections with SmartCheck eWoF ✔️

Fast, Accurate, Compliant and Easy to Set Up

Fully approved by Waka Kotahi NZTA

Developed in conjunction with Waka Kotahi as an approved alternative to traditional WoF sheets

Two-way integration with SAM or Orion

Share results, and download vehicle or job information from SAM or Orion

Simple to self-activate

Follow our quick setup video and be eWoF ready in minutes

“The WoF inspection summary is emailed to front office as soon as it’s completed. It’s now much easier to read and understand the results of a WoF check, becoming a faster process overall.”

Steve Rossiter - Automotive Solutions [Hamilton] Ltd

eWoF - The future of WoF checks 📋

  • SAM and Orion integrations.
  • NZTA Approved.
  • Audit friendly.
  • Perform WoF checks on the go.
  • Send completed checks to a customer instantly.
  • Find a recheck or re-print fast.
  • Get some space back in the workshop.
  • Get rid of expensive Dot Matrix printers.

Save over $400 a year by switching to eWoF 💸

Imagine saving over $400 a year just by switching from paper WoF sheets to eWoF. Standard WoF sheets cost $245 for 1000, and most eWoF sites complete 10 checks daily, them 5 months to match this number. But here’s the kicker: eWoF for SAM costs only $50 for the same period. That’s a no-brainer, right? Now, think about what you could do with that extra $400 each year! You could:

  • Upgrade your workshop equipment
  • Treat your staff with a team celebration
  • Reallocate funds into marketing
  • Enrol into a professional development course.

More than just eWoF, enjoy a whole suite of checklist templates ✏️

  • WoF Checks
  • Safety Inspection
  • Pre-purchase Inspection
  • EV Service
  • Basic Service
  • Comprehensive Service
  • 5 Point Safety Check
  • …or build your own.

Self activate the SmartCheck eWoF add-on today

Enjoy your first month free, followed by a flat monthly fee of $10 for SAM (only available to SAM customers on support plans) and webSAM, and early bird pricing of $39 per month for Orion customers. Pricing exclusive of GST.

SmartCheck is easy to self-activate. Watch our quick set up guide below to find out more.

How to activate SmartCheck