Careers at Auxo

Don’t scroll down, we’re just a boring automotive software company, you don’t want to work here…

Still reading?

We just might be a match.

At Auxo we’re always 🔍 for the right folks to join our team. The ones that keep scrolling, can’t leave puzzles unsolved or need to press that button just to see what will happen.

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat here, it lights the fire that helps us build cool stuff.

This stock photo looks just like us!

Well… maybe without the suits, all the documents, and serious discussions.

Our office is more like t-shirts, hoodies, bucket of KFC, and arguments about Star Wars vs Star Trek.

We are currently looking for:

💥 Part-Time Marketing Coordinator – Fixed term opportunity for a special someone who loves marketing and is keen on flexibility and specific, measurable, achievable goals.