It’s not easy being an apprentice (or finding a good one), so we wanted to help out. We chatted to our mates at Repco and came up with a plan to help get some young people kitted out for life in the workshop.  

In the wise words of Yoda, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Based on the high quality of the entries for our first apprentice competition, your apprentices are doing a huge amount and doing it bloody well.

It wasn’t an easy job going through the 107 entries, you all have a lot of great people working for you. They’ve volunteered in order to get their foot in the door or asked for a job when there hasn’t been one advertised. They come in first and leave last. Volunteer for jobs that no one wants to do. Support young families. Turning up day after day with smiles on their faces.  

“Starting out is never easy, but it’s even harder when you haven’t got the right tools to do the job at hand. When the team came to me with the idea for the competition, I didn’t hesitate in saying “yes”. I’m so glad we did, the quality of the entries is incredibly high and are very heartfelt”, says Dave Murdoch, CEO of Auxo Software.

Check out the talented winners below:

Emma, Taupo Automotive
Emma’s enthusiasm secured her an apprenticeship when there wasn’t even one going, she’s taking on extra work on the weekend and jumping in the office when needed. Plus, her coursework is being used as an example by Toi Ohomai.

James, Manawatu BMW
James was so keen to get into the workshop that he started out volunteering on his two days off. He’s now proving his dedication with a full-time apprenticeship.

Paddy, Arthur Burke Motors
Paddy’s been proving himself as a dedicated staff member since he started with the Arthur Burke team doing odd jobs after school. He’s now earned himself an apprenticeship where he gets to focus on his passion.

Romke, Champion Auto Services
Despite some major setbacks over the past year Romke of Champion Auto Services has shown incredible resilience. Always turns up with smile on his face and ready to go the extra mile.

Jessika, Davidson Honda
Jessika didn’t have the “mechanical gift” straight off the bat but she’s been determined to master it. She’s the first one in, last one out and first one to volunteer to help out with the team at Davidson Honda.