Ebbett Volkswagen, a bustling dealership, encountered challenges in its Accounts Payable processes like many others. Our solution was to onboard PaperTrail, an AP Automation tool that works seamlessly alongside Systime.

“Processing time has reduced by about a tenth of what it used to take”

Dylan Jordan

With multiple creditors from various moving parts of the dealership, Admin Manager Dylan Jordan had difficulty keeping track of everything coming in. The paper-based processes and endless filing added to the inconvenience. It was clear they needed a paperless solution.

Enter PaperTrail, a comprehensive document management system designed to streamline Accounts Payable processes when used alongside Systime. After considering several options, Ebbett Volkswagen decided on PaperTrail because the team was committed to working together to create a user interface tailored to their needs.

With PaperTrail, any invoices received are sent directly into the system once they enter the AP shared inbox. Nothing is overlooked, and the process is entirely automated. Once the invoice is in the system, it only takes one step to process it in Systime. The whole process takes seconds from start to finish.

Dylan reported that processing time had reduced by about a tenth of what it used to take. “We can automate a large number of invoices without any user interface.”

The dealership is now one step closer to becoming paperless, which is an essential goal for the entire Ebbett group. There has also been a significant reduction in human error since implementing PaperTrail. This has helped the dealership avoid potential supplier issues.

The benefits didn’t stop there. With multiple dealerships and sites, having an overview of everything has been helpful. PaperTrail has proven to be an excellent business continuation tool since Financial Controllers across dealerships could fill in for one another if needed.

It is also handy to have all the information in one place. If someone has an issue with an invoice, they can log in to PaperTrail and look at the same issue from different locations.

Ebbett Volkswagen has five sites on PaperTrail, and they plan to add 2-3 more sites within the next few months. This is a testament to the system’s success.

PaperTrail has been a game-changer for Ebbett Volkswagen, simplifying their Accounts Payable, saving processing time, and making them more effective and efficient. It’s exciting to see how they’ll continue to leverage PaperTrail to grow and succeed.

Keen to know more about PaperTrail and how it can simplify your AP processes? Speak to our GM of Sales, Matthew Wynn today.