Palmerston North based Emmetts Service Centre is one of New Zealand’s largest heavy transport workshop operations, with a second busy service centre in Wanganui. General Manager, Bruce Rea says that he refers to the SAM Fleet (Orion) software every day.

A busy operation
Emmett’s requirements are typical of today’s busy, professional heavy transport workshop. The accurate measurement of labour and productivity is key and fleet management functionality has become a major area of business opportunity.

Bruce says “SAM Fleet’s (Orion) impact has been in terms of continually making the operation more efficient and also in the quality and value of information that can be made available to our management and our fleet clients”.

Scalable and flexible
Bruce relies on SAM Fleet’s (Orion) all-round scalability and flexibility to improve and maintain optimum performance in all areas. This include parts departments, accounts and general office administration in addition to the service workshops.

Communication within and between locations is vital as Emmetts provides service to many national trucking fleets. Clients could turn up anywhere and each workshop can have up to 20 different staff using the software at any time. SAM Fleet’s (Orion) provides seamless internal and external flexibility.

Financial control
“We obviously need to know on a daily basis how we are growing our business”, says Bruce, adding, “The system instantly provides us visibility of the little details too – like the percentage of our time we are charging out and what margins and mark-ups we are achieving.

“The provision of comprehensive time clocking and an accurate asset register was high on the priority list when we were looking for business systems. SAM Fleet’s (Orion) has met and exceeded our expectations.”