Huntly Tyres & Mechanical levels up their WoF game with SmartCheck eWoF

We’ve been making WoF checks faster and easier for Kiwi businesses with SmartCheck eWoF, but rather than tooting our own horn about it, we thought we’d ask the pros what they think. 

First up, we caught up with local legend and down-to-earth manager of Huntly Tyres & Mechanical, Ricky Gibbons, to hear how things have been going since he started using eWoF.  

Between a fully booked workshop and new puppy, Bella, it was hard to get a moment with Ricky. When we were finally able to lock him down for a chat, we were met with his friendly attitude and good sense of humour. Ricky has managed the business for the last eight years, providing the people of Huntly with all their WoF, tyre, servicing and repair needs. 

Before eWoF, Ricky found the amount of post-check paperwork a pain in the exhaust pipe. Quickly finding records for customers with questions could be a hassle, especially if a checksheet had been placed in the wrong pile by one of the new guys. 

With the new system in place, Ricky reckons they’ve cut down post-check admin by around 50%. Entering warrant information and sending completed checks and invoices to customers is now a breeze— all done in a few clicks from their workshop computer.

They’ve also kissed goodbye to deciphering mechanics’ scrawl. Completed checks now come clearly typed out in a digital format. Customers have been over the moon to find they can now clearly read any notes and work that needs to be done – you can even add pictures when combined with the digital estimate feature.

“Mechanics are like doctors; you’d basically have to have a degree to read half their writing. With eWoF, it’s all typed out and easy for our customers to read and follow. They no longer leave the shop not knowing what their car needs done.”

Ricky Gibbons

While some of the old boys in the shop weren’t so keen on picking up new tech at first, Ricky says it was the support team here at Auxo that ultimately won them over (well, that and office ladies, Janine & Helen, didn’t really give them a choice).  

The feedback the techs had on SmartCheck eWoF was passed on to the development team and ended up shaping future updates, which according to Ricky, “really gave the technicians a boost; to know that their feedback was valuable to Auxo.” 

The days of paper stacks and folders cluttering the workshop are soon to be a thing of the past for Huntly Tyres & Mechanical. With eWoF, everything is neatly organised and synced with their workshop management software. Need to quickly find a vehicle’s WoF records? No worries. Just a quick digital search and Bob’s your uncle. 

Ricky’s advice to businesses thinking of trying eWoF is simple, “We’ve all got computers, and we’re all able to store that information digitally. Just go with it… Once you get your head around how the whole thing works, it’s sweet as – nice and easy!”