Comprehensive Stock Management
The parts department at the Queenstown workshop is not only responsible for Shotover Jet but is also the central stock location for other businesses in the group. SAM Workshop/Parts (Orion) manages the purchase and supply of parts throughout the group, providing full visibility at all points. The company holds an extensive array of high value parts and many components are imported, so accurate stock control is vital.

SAM Workshop/Parts (Orion) allows the company to track and display stock levels in each individual department and location to make locating and ordering inventory easier. The automated replenishment functionality anticipates future requirements based on previous usage and predict future stock levels, ensuring ordering is streamlined and accurate.

Permanent Service Histories
Shotover Group parts manager, Mark Hamlin says, “Complete service histories of each boat is recorded in SAM Workshop/Parts (Orion). We are able to report on this in several ways, assisting the management of the fleet and increasing the efficiency of the workshop. Our downtime has also been reduced.

“The ability to track a technician’s time against specific tasks has helped us identify what we spend our time on and how to better allocate our resources.”

Mark Hamlin, Parts Manager, Shotover Group

Safety is Paramount
As a globally recognised tourism operation, the safety of the public is paramount to Shotover Jet, and stringent government mandated Occupational Safety and Health requirements must be adhered to.

Every part in the jet boats that could cause failure of a vital function must be individually tracked so the company knows its service history and when it is replaced. Orion’s fleet management capability tracks over 30 separate critical components on each boat and, based on this, provides a range of reports and alerts.