The clock hits 6pm and you want to head home for dinner, put the kids to bed or out to the pub for a drink, but you’ve still got admin to do. Invoices to send out, parts to order and calls to customers to remind them to book in their next service or WOF. And then month-end comes around and the extra hour a day of admin turns into 10. We’ve all been there, so we’ve put together a few tips to help to cut down your admin time.

Create templates for standard jobs

Why write up / type up the same jobs, with the same parts and same labour charges, over and over again. Create templates for repeat jobs like WOFs or services so you can just update the customer details.

Split invoicing

Like above, no one wants to keep writing up the same info again. Split invoicing functions allows you to duplicate the details of the invoice and just amend the creditor details. Perfect for insurance jobs or whenever you have multiple payees.

Parts ordering

Connect your customers’ vehicle database directly to the suppliers ordering system to receive information on the exact parts you need for their car, and order the parts in the same system. Don’t waste time scrolling through pages and pages of options, just use the registration plate to bring up the relevant info on the vehicle.

Service reminders

The cost of acquiring customers far outweighs the cost of keeping them, sending a reminder one year or 6 months after their last service/WOF is an easy and cost-effective way to bring customers back into your workshop. Not to mention, they’re great for confirming customers bookings, especially when used with a “Y/N” reply feature so you can eliminate no-shows.


Don’t be that person that spends month-end scrambling to balance your accounts. Using an accounts system or workshop software, easily see what is and isn’t balancing at any time and keep on top of your accounts. Make it even simpler and get a system that has a direct feed to your bank account and parts suppliers, so these link into your creditor and debtor records.