Does your workshop regularly perform WoF checks? Do you wish you could speed up the process and perform checks on the go?

Our new mobile WoF solution, developed alongside Waka Kotahi NZTA, is a fantastic solution for New Zealand’s 3,000 strong WoF agents.

SmartCheck eWoF is perfect for workshops who want to reduce paper processes and save money while working smarter and faster.

So, what exactly is SmartCheck eWoF?

SmartCheck eWoF mirrors the paper-based WoF Checksheet in almost every way, except it’s modernised and digitised to be quicker, accessible and cost-effective. Whether you’re inspecting Cars, Motorbikes, or Trailers, we’ve got a digital checksheet ready for you.

You can perform WoF checks using any mobile device that connects to the internet, and all your results will sync seamlessly to SAM or Orion. Your techs just need a tablet or mobile device and they’ll complete WoF checks on the fly in no time.

The WoF checksheet is broken down into five different sections of questions – External inspection, internal inspection, chassis underbody, road brake test and under bonnet. Each question has four possible responses: Pass, Fail, Warning (a pass, but there is something to be aware of for next time), or N/A if it doesn’t apply. Some questions, like tyre thread depth, will require a measurement before you can proceed.

And how does it work?

The process goes something like this:

The five steps involved in using eWoF.

What are some of the main features of SmartCheck eWoF?

We don’t want to bore you with the details, so here are some highlights:

  • Efficiency: Faster, easier WoF checks from your tablet or mobile.
  • Audit-friendly: Consolidated records on both SmartCheck and your WMS remove the need for physical record-keeping and keep the NZTA happy. What could you do with all that free space in your workshop?
  • Technician-friendly: Your techs can easily pause a check if needed and resume it later. Time to pop out for lunch? No worries.  
  • Customer-centric: Stop with the hastily scribbled notes and give your customers a polished, readable copy of their WoF results, either digitally or printed out.
  • Cost-saving: Cut down on physical checksheets. While the NZTA mandates a backup checksheet book in case of emergency, the savings are undeniable.

What’s involved in the setup?

We’ve made SmartCheck easy to self-onboard. Our extensive Knowledge Base has all the information you need. You just need to activate the SmartCheck add-on through SAM or Orion (when available). Then you can set up your account with company details like an AVIC number and create logins for users who complete checksheets. Once this is set up, you’re ready to go.

Are there any compatibility requirements?

The only caveat is that SmartCheck eWoF is only available to customers on a support contract with us. If you’d like to discuss your support options, get in touch via our Contact page, email sales or speak with your Account Manager. If you can access the internet, you can use SmartCheck eWoF. In terms of hardware, we recommend tablets with a rugged case and strap so the device is secure during checks.

“The WOF inspection results is emailed to me as soon as its completed and front of the house
gets to know what’s going on much quicker so we don’t have to follow up.”

Steve Rossiter, Automotive Solutions (Hamilton) Ltd

How much does eWoF cost?

For our SAM customers, SmartCheck eWoF comes in at a flat monthly fee of $10 (early-bird pricing) which offers a significant cost saving compared to traditional WoF checksheets.