What’s your first reaction when you hear about a company rebranding – 🙄🤷?

We know a company name change can be a bit cringworthy, but our legal name – Australasian Automotive Business Solutions Ltd (AABSL) is AABSLutely not going to catch on with our customers. That’s why we decided to change that to – Auxo Software.

“This also marks the beginning of an expanded development team to strengthen our existing products and push ahead with new cloud solutions”

David Murdoch, Auxo Software CEO

Auxo (pronounce the “au” like auto, not like Oxo the stock cubes) is made up of SAM and Systime, both purchased by MTA in December 2020.  Dave Harris, MTA Chairperson and Auxo Software Director says “MTA bought the TSI Group (the previous legal entity) because we can see its growth potential; to realise that potential, we need to transform this business.”

Of course, the transformation is not just logo deep. Auxo Software CEO David Murdoch says “this also marks the beginning of an expanded development team to strengthen our existing products and push ahead with new cloud solutions; we will also have a new phone and support system to overhaul customer service.”  However, to make these changes stick, we must change the core, so “the new company name is also important internally for our team; it is a new start for a more customer-centric tech company.”

Auxo is the Greek goddess for growth and prosperity; “that is what we want to help our customers to achieve“ says Murdoch.

Auxo Software will become the trading name of Australasian Automotive Business Solutions Ltd (AABSL) from 23 June 2021, alongside the launch of a new, single website for the groups portfolio at auxosoftware.com.

What does Auxo mean?

Well, it doesn’t mean gravy. That’s Oxo with an “o”, we’re Auxo like Auto.

And no, we didn’t just pick a word close to auto because we’re in the auto industry. That would have saved us a bit of time though…

Auxo was the Greek god for growth, farmers would leave gifts for her in the hope of having a successful company. When we thought about what our ultimate purpose was, we kept landing on growth. We turn up to work everyday to make software to help businesses grow and be successful – be it financial success or better work/life balance – and so we chose Auxo as the name to represent us. 

How does the logomark represent the group?

The three upward arrows of the logomark represent the two brands of Auxo, SAM and Systime and the third represents Auxo itself. The upward direction represents movement, forward motion and growth. The roads are a nod to the auto industry. 

What does this mean for customers?

The SAM, Orion and Systime will all now come under the one website, auxosoftware.com. Customers accessing support will see changes to the branding of Knowledge Base and ticket submission pages over the next two weeks to prevent disruption to service. The SAM and Orion products will also see branding changes rolled out over the next two months, these will be in line product releases.