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The average hourly labour rate in NZ is $50ph.
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Low Productivity

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And Weekly Labour Revenue
$2000 NZD Weekly revenue

A similar Workshop's Productivity Percent

And weekly labour revenue
$9439 NZD Weekly revenue

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Productivity Percent

And weekly labour revenue
$4500 NZD Weekly revenue


Potential Revenue
Your missing out on $2,500 in labour revenue per week. Over a year, this adds up to a total of $120,000 in revenue you're not earning!

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Who is this calculator intended for?

Auxo’s productivity calculator is for workshops looking to make more money. Getting your numbers right on labour rates and billable hours can make a huge difference to your workshop’s bottom line.

How do I find my technicians' total billed hours?

If you’re an Auxo customer, we’ve made it easy to keep tabs on your total billed hours. Within your system (Orion, SAM or webSAM) head to Workshop, then the Sales Analysis report for a detailed breakdown of your billed hours.

How do I find my technician’s combined working hours?

If you’re unsure of your tech’s normal working hours, you can head to the same Sales Analysis report mentioned above.  You can find your technician’s availability there.

What's a ‘similar workshop’?

We’re talking about similarities in size here, measured by the number of techs in a workshop. Our benchmark figures come from real SAM user data, gathered in 2023, to offer a relevant comparison.

How can I improve my productivity percentage?

Improving your productivity percentage involves refining your labour rate and selling more billable hours. If you’re stuck on how, we can help.


Just a heads up

This productivity calculator is for getting a ballpark idea of your productivity standing. It’s not intended as a substitute for professional financial or HR advice.