The teams behind SAM Workshop have been busy developing new tools to keep our customers operational on the road and accessible by giving the tools to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

What is it?

The workshop management system (WMS) that you can take with you. webSAM is a web-based (see what we did with the name, aren’t we clever… 😂), so you can access it from your computer or tablet browser, meaning if you have an internet connection then you’ve got access to your WMS.

What’s included?

Booking in jobs
  • See capacity instantly in our new diary. View by day, week or month.
  • Need to change a job? Drag and drop it into another day, time or tech.
  • One click job creation – click on the time/day to create a new job.
  • Create jobs based on templates or from scratch.
Doing the job
  • Job cards are linked to customer and vehicle records, any changes to the job card go straight into their record.
  • Doing a service and a brake change? Job sections allow you to separate the work for the customer so it’s easy to allocate the parts and labour to the correct piece of work for the same vehicle.
  • Quickly add parts or labour onto the job card.
  • Stock management and ordering functionality.
  • Clock on/off the job from your mobile – no additional user charges for each of your techs
  • Send a text message, from the job card, to let customers know you’re done.
Getting paid
  • One click invoice creation from the job card.
  • Monitor your profits – use the margins button before processing.
  • Connect your webSAM account to Xero for full accounting functionality.
  • Mark invoices as “paid” straight away

Bring customers back in

  • Send text message campaigns to let customers know when you’ve got a promotion
  • Get invoices and statements to customers using Xero
  • Bring customers back in with text message service reminders
  • Reduce no-shows with text message booking reminders.

Take it for a free 14-day test drive

Complete the form below to take webSAM for a test drive. The test drive will give you access to the system for 14-days, for free. You can even connect your Xero account to get the full experience:

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