Run your workshop like a well-oiled machine

Take webSAM for a spin and see first-hand how well it integrates with Xero. Sign up for a free 7-day trial and get a feel for how simple workshop management can be.

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Spend more time on the tools

And less time doing admin. Let's face it, you're not in the industry because you love paperwork.

Let customers come to you

Send automated SMS and email reminders to book in for a service or WOF. Easy as!

See less of your accountant

Check and adjust profit margins before invoicing and enjoy a two-way Xero integration for detailed reporting.

Schedule work in easily

- Drag and drop diary
- One-click job creation from your diary
- See capacity by tech, day, or week
- Book jobs in across days or techs

Less paperwork, less data entry

- Job cards with customer, vehicle + booking info
- Create purchase orders from job card
- Split invoicing for insurance jobs

Easy online estimates

- Send estimates for digital sign-offs
- Easily add parts and labour to the job
- Create job cards from estimates

Marketing made easy

- Effective SMS and email reminders
- Send SMS or emails when job is done
- Unlimited custom templates

Never undercharge on jobs

- Integrated time-clocking
- Check profit margins before invoicing

Personal support you can count on

- New Zealand-based support team
- Extensive Knowledge Base and email support
- Weekdays 7.30 – 9pm and weekends 8am – 8pm (NZT)
- After hours emergency support

How does the Xero integration work?

The live SAM and Xero integration gives you accurate and up-to-date information, whether you’re logged into SAM or Xero.

Payment information updates from SAM to Xero and back again for accurate records. Invoices, payments, purchase orders completed in SAM appear in Xero immediately.

“Honestly for me, it’s every feature. If I lost webSAM my entire business would grind to a halt."


Ready to drive workshop success? Get webSAM from only $99 per month

Skip the demo and get started with webSAM. For $99 NZD/mo you'll receive webSAM with 1 user license. Need more licenses? Get additional users for $19 NZD/mo.

SMS packages are priced by quantities of texts and exclude GST. Prices start at $9.50 NZD/mo for 45 text messages.

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