Bring jobs to life with webSAM’s photos add-on

Unlike webSAM’s other add-ons, you can activate mobile photos directly within the system. Image hosting fees apply after 250GB as outlined below.

webSAM Image Hosting Fees

Monthly SubscriptionIncluded GB
$10 p/mth5GB
$20 p/mth10GB
$30 p/mth15GB
$40 p/mth20GB

Capture evidence of a fault or repair

Snap a picture of the issue at hand and attach it to the job card via mobile phone. This is then directly sent to admin for confirmation.

Store photos securely on the cloud

Our cloud-based storage solution ensures your images are kept safe and easily accessible whenever you need them.


Can I upload photos to webSAM via a computer?

Yes, the photos add-on is available via the web browser and through the mobile Technician Web App.

What is the Technician Web App?

It’s a simplified, mobile-first webSAM UI created for technicians.

Can I download it from an app store?

No, the Technician Web App is accessed via, but you can add a short cut to your home screen.