We pride ourselves on being available and ready to help when needed. That’s why it really bugged us that our #1 customer service complaint was that customers couldn’t get through to our team when they needed us.

This complaint was coming up in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, customer satisfaction surveys and individual feedback to our Account Managers, so, we had to act. Next time you ask yourself “will my feedback really make a difference” – yes it will. We listen, we act, we make things better.

We’ve now implemented Freshdesk to manage our phone systems and our customer service portals. From mid-July for SAM customers and mid-August for Systime customers, the portals will be launched for customers to get faster and easier access to support.

Phone queues and call backs

Callers will now have the option of staying on the phone on hold in a queue, or to request a call back. Call backs customers will keep their place in the queue so if you need to hang up to take care of something important, your call will still be taken at the same time as if you stayed on the phone.

Easier ticket management

Customers will now be able to log into their own portal where they can submit tickets, check on the progress and go back to old tickets. Customers will now also receive automatic notifications so that they’re always aware of the status of their tickets.

Find the right answer quicker (from mid-August)

Our new portals will be separated by product so getting the right answer will be quicker than ever. Our Knowledge Base has smarter tagging and keyword functionality for better article suggestions and search results.