Consumer Information

1. The warrant of fitness examination is:

(a) limited to an examination to ensure compliance with certain vehicle and safety standards required by law;

(b) generally only an external and visual examination of a vehicle;

(c) generally limited to an examination of the items listed on your Checksheet.

2. The issue of a vehicle warrant of fitness represents the vehicle meets legal requirements for the issues of a warrant of fitness but only at the time of the examination. It does not represent an assurance that the vehicle:

(a) is fit for any particular purpose; or

(b) will remain in warrantable condition for any period after the examination or until the next scheduled examination.

3. The operator of a vehicle has a continuing obligation to maintain the vehicle to a warrantable state of fitness at all times, whether the vehicle has a current warrant of fitness or not. If the vehicle operator suspects that the vehicle is not in a warrantable condition, the operator should cease to operate the vehicle, seek assessment and, if necessary, repair the vehicle.

4. A warrant of fitness should not be relied on as assurance as to the overall condition or safety of a vehicle. There are a number of aspects about a vehicle’s safety and performance which are not considered as part of a warrant of fitness examination. If they are included in the examination then they may only become relevant, in terms of a vehicle’s safety or performance, after the examination. If an assessment is required of a vehicles overall safety and condition (or of items outside a warrant of fitness examination), then these should be specifically requested of the examiner, in addition to the warrant of fitness examination.

5. Vehicle safety defects which are not relevant in a warrant of fitness examination, but which are nonetheless reported by the examiner or the customer at the time of the examination, will have no effect on whether the vehicle passes or fails its warrant of fitness examination.

6. Except in the extent that the agent examiner identified on the checklist may have lawfully contracted out of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, nothing in this Checksheet or Consumer Information limits the Customer’s rights under that Act.