Workshop management software
to make your job easier

✔️ More time on the tools, less time on admin.
✔️ Send text and email reminders to book for service or WOFs.
✔️ Keep tabs on your margins before invoicing
✔️ Get accurate labour charges using the mobile time-clocking app.
✔️ See less of your accountant with a two-way Xero integration

We used to have so much data-entry in the workshop that we paid someone to give us a hand with just that. Now webSAM does it for us and we don’t need the extra help.


How does webSAM actually make your job easier?

Schedule work in easily

  • Drag and drop diary 
  • One-click job creation from your diary 
  • See capacity by tech, day, or week at a glance 
  • Book jobs in across days or techs

Paperless job cards

  • Job cards are automatically created using customer, vehicle and booking information. 
  • Easily add parts and labour to the job.
  • Create purchase orders directly from the job card. 
  • Split invoicing for insurance jobs. 

Easy online estimates

  • Send estimates to your customers for digital sign-offs. 
  • Easily add parts and labour to the job. 
  • Create job cards from estimates at the click of a button. 

Marketing made easy

  • Get customers back in with text and email reminders.
  • Send texts or emails when vehicles are ready. 
  • Unlimited custom message templates. 

Never undercharge on jobs

  • Time-clocking integrated so you’re always rounding up. 
  • Margins button to check your profits before you invoice.

Plus, so much more

  • Xero integration 
  • Invoicing and easy billing from job card
  • Stock management

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